Made in St Alberts Episode 1 OUT NOW!

Made in St Alberts: All That Matters Is That You Tried Episode 1 IS OUT NOW!

Watch, share, and enjoy!


Actors (order of appearance)

Nimmy- Caitlin Hefner

Gwendula- Tessa Stokes

Ridgewell- Angel Luis

Rufus- JJ Bozeman

Tarquin- Scott Vicari

Director/Writer/Producer: Tessa Stokes

AD/Writer/Editor/Producer: Caitlin Hefner

DP/Sound/Editor: Marshall Ross

PA/Asst Sound: Kuffasse Boane

PA/Script supervisor: Jordyn DiNitale

Special thanks: Su and Nina founders of Relationships, The Sloat Family, Julie Hammond, Sheila from Rye Ridge Deli

Intro Music: "Raise You Up" by Denitia courtesy of Styles Upon Styles Additional Music by Marshall Ross

New Pilot - Made in St Alberts : "All That Matters is That You Tried." Drops 2/2019

My writing partner, Caitlin Hefner, and I are in post-production for a pilot sketch we wrote together. The show is called Made in St Alberts: a parody reality show set in a small Scottish university town where secrets, scandal and sex are the topics of all conversations. We both starred and directed this episode and we’re really excited for it to drop! We already wrote the script for Episode 2. We plan to pitch our show around to different new media networks once we release our first three episodes.

Episode 1 will drop late February 2019.

Go check out the Made in St Alberts Instagram for some shots of the first episode, “All that Matters is That You Tried” : @madeinstalberts

Recent Updates!

Recently, I was in two different play-readings of awesome pieces of work!

  • I read for the part of Bluebell in “Of the woman came the beginning of sin and through her we all die.” - Written by Lily Houghton (EST) and Directed by Kylie Brown (Lifespan of A Fact). This play is “a retail/cult/feminist adaption of the Garden of Eden set in the windowless basement of a Free People store.” This reading was performed at Abrons Art Center in NYC.


  • I read stage directions in “Handlers” - Written by Glenn Kimball and Directed by Patrick Vassel (Hamilton). The play is about a day in the life of two art handlers working in Manhattan and the unexpected events that occur. This reading was performed at Access Theater in NYC.


KICKSTARTER Campaign for new short-film project, LA FOLIA

FILMELODIC needs your help! In their newest short film, LA FOLIA, I'm playing a young woman at an upscale party who amuses herself by stealing jewelry from her parents' friends. The story comes out of the imagination of someone who listened to a piece of music, so it's like Fantasia! We're building support for this with small donations:::