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Tessa is an actress, singer, dancer, and writer. Her mission is to share the stories of those unseen and unheard through creative expression.

She has been involved in drama, musical theatre, voice, and dance productions since a young age. Tessa's most recent project was participating in Filmelodic's newest short film, "La Folia." Other recent projects include playing the role of "Grace" in the web-series pilot, "Complexities," voice-over work for Denny's "Independence Day" radio campaign, and performing in the Los Angeles Theatre Company hereandnow's dramatic production of "I Dream in Color" directed by John Miyasaki.

Tessa has studied drama with Faline England at Diana Castle's The Imagined Life in Los Angeles, and currently with Anthony Abeson in NYC. She is a graduate of the University of St Andrews, where she received her degree in International Relations.

Favorite credits include: "The Angel" in the first ever Edinburgh Fringe Festival production of Tony Kushner's "Angels in America"; Ilse (Spring Awakening), Frenchie (Cabaret), Suzannah (Hair), Nikki (Vote!), Stacey (Scene of the Titans), Tiger Lily (Peter Pan), Evelyn Nesbit (Ragtime).

Tessa is from Los Angeles and currently living in New York City.